Sponsored By : Welfare Department, Govt. of Jharkhand (CBSE Aff. No.:3430265. School No.:66464, Cell No.:JH-070)
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Principal’s Message  

Birsa Munda DAV Residential Public School, Bundu is the synthesis of tradition and modernity and aims at imparting education which is happy and healthy blending of our ancient thought and culture and ideas of modernity. Through all round and integrated development of the personality of the tribal students, we try to shape them as good human beings and global citizens. The school is a center of excellence as we have teaching as a mission, learning as a passion and excellence as a tradition.

We are aiming at those all round personas, who will be known for what they really are and not for percentiles alone. They will be well equipped, armed to take on the big and bad world with their positivity and resourceful endeavours and to overcome the existential crisis shadowing the innate talents of many talented students today. These brilliant stars will shine in all fields. These are our dreams. We have made dreams transfer into our thoughts and are striving to make thoughts result in action. We are providing our students a climate conducive to the flowering of their creativity impulse.

We are proud of our commendable services to promote the cause of education, enviable achievements made in the past and a future vision of holistic education with global dimensions. We dedicate ourselves to strive hard and consistently to pursue the path of excellence. 
The educational scenario is changing very fast and so the educational world. We will have to understand the needs of the child and adopt a child friendly approach. A positive and progressive approach, faith in oneself and a sense of commitment will help us a lot to realize our vision and mission.

May God bless us all with his choicest blessings to dedicate and identify ourselves with the institution.