Sponsored By : Welfare Department, Govt. of Jharkhand (CBSE Aff. No.:3430265. School No.:66464, Cell No.:JH-070)

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It was due to the joint endeavour of DAV College Managing committee New Delhi & Welfare Department, Government of Jharkhand that Birsa Munda DAV Residential Public School, Bundu, Ranchi came into existence on 1st April, 2006 with a quintessential value and initiative to produce and create a rich human resource with human, social and national value. This school is a unique educational project of DAV organisation and a dream educational establishment of the Welfare Department, Government of Jharkhand through which several praiseworthy purposes have been served. While on the one hand, this institution is offering befitting tribute and singular honour to Bhagwan Birsa Munda by christening the school after his name, it is consistently imparting the kind of education today's children badly require, on the other. DAV organisation believes in quality education that helps the learners blossom forth into their full potential and shape. At the same time, it also conceives in mind the growth of weaker section of the society. Hence, Birsa Munda DAV Residential Public School where 360 tribal children across Jharkhand are gaining education upto class X , at present, and will soon further their pursuance of education upto XII. Fully financed and sponsored by Welfare Department, Government of Jharkhand, this school provides everything - clothes, uniform, shoes, socks, belt, toothpaste, brush, textbooks, notebooks, stationery, board and lodging etc., to the students for free.

The school sprawling in 4 acres of land with 01 acre built up area enjoys the panoramic view of lush green forestry and pristine hamlets presenting the rural backdrop. Large imposing school edifice and hostel building complex, state of the art infrastructure and sports facilities make it a model school where the faculty and students give outstanding results. The students are well trained in football, handball hockey, cricket, kho-kho, athletics and other sporting events and they emerge terrific in sports arena. Our exceptional school band has contributed enormously to the making of this school one and only one of its kinds.

In the last few years we have emerged as a premier educational cradle for holding competitive examinations and conducting co-curricular activities, with a beautiful blend of blessings as well as wishes of DAV CMC stalwarts, mentors of the zones and bureaucrats of the Welfare Department. We have constantly been putting efforts in developing and honing the skills of children and helping them in occupying leadership position in various realms of life and enabling them in becoming known at the global scenario.

 We understand that this is by no means a small task. Today, the quality of education is continuously scaling new heights and new bench are constantly being set. Thus, education having become a very competitive sector excellence is the only thing that rules here and BM DAV Bundu is committed for the same.

Today, the number of the students who struggle in school academically or behaviourally is staggering as one in every five children is At-Rick.

Traditionally, students At-Risk are defined as those who have been labelled as being in danger of academic failure. Though there are a large number of factors responsible for students being At-Risk, there are strategies for prevention of academic, behavioural, emotional and social problems arising out of the condition. For this our sound faculty members develop a comprehensive and effective support system for students At-Risk. Strategies are schemed out as per the individual need of the students.

We all know that all students are born with special traits and remarkable ability. The need is of providing them opportunity to develop their latent yet creative talents and our school has gone a long way in doing so. The pass outs of this school are rendering their sincere and honest services to the country in various capacities. We feel proud to have got the opportunity to serve the needy tribal children of Jharkhand.



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